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Deeana Manu - Foundation Studies

Deeana Manu - Foundation (Nursing)

Deeana Manu has wanted to become a nurse ever since her oldest daughter was born nine years ago. When she moved to Whangarei from Perth, Australia to be closer to her partner’s family, she realised it was now or never. “My daughter has been in and out of the health system her whole life. I wouldn’t have been able to get through it all without the support of the nurses and medical staff - they inspired me to want to pursue a career helping others. Now that my daughter is older and has the care she needs at school, I was able to start my nursing study.

“I worked as an orderly at a hospital in Perth but I knew I couldn’t start my degree there because I didn’t have a support network around me. I have three children so it is really important for me to have the support for all of us while I study. I chose to come to NorthTec because it is so close and convenient to my support network.

“I really love the tutors here on this programme, they are just amazing because you can go to them for help with anything. They make it as easy as possible because they want you to pass and do well. My classmates are just awesome, the support here is just incredible. It’s important for me to get that support because I haven’t been in a classroom for about 15 years and even when I was at school I wasn’t listening, so I was expecting this to be really hard, but I have surprised myself. Having smaller classes has been awesome because we have become such a tight-knit group.

“What is important to me to remember is that I’m not alone – my classmates, tutors and my family are all behind me wanting me to succeed and helping me as much as they can.

“The programme is pretty flexible. We have classes Monday to Wednesday and all of the course content and information is online for us to go through.

“Completing this programme will be a huge influence on my children. They are watching me do this and are already so proud of me. It will affect what they are going to do in their future, and for them to understand that hard work does pays off.

“Getting up in the morning and coming in and having a routine makes me feel like I have a purpose – because I am getting closer to my dream goal. Ultimately, after I am a Registered Nurse, I want to be a Paramedic or a Midwife.”

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