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Codi Harris - Automotive

Codi Harris - Automotive

“I love cars and grew up around them because my dad was a mechanic and they were always my hobby. But I had my first child at the age of 16 which held me back a little bit. Then in 2018, I started running the Northland team for the Suicidal Car Club in Whangarei. At that time the suicide rate was through the roof and we were keen to set a club modelled on one that my sister-in-law had set up in Auckland. It is a youth-orientated automotive space where at-risk youth can hang out and learn general automotive skills to give them something cool to do to keep them occupied.”

“The need for this finally gave me the courage to sign up for the automotive course. I saw the progress some of my friends and family were making in other NorthTec courses and I knew the quality of education, the facilities, and support were amazing. Now that I’m on board here, every course day is a great day for me, I learn something new, and I have a great time doing it.”

“Engines in general are a challenge to me especially remembering the names and what goes where but that's what doing this course is all about. Every new journey in life is a challenge but challenges are what make you who you are.”

“I’m really surprised at how my confidence and time management skills are blooming here. I’ve had to learn how to be in a workshop environment and be job ready, and my health and safety strategies when working on vehicles have also dramatically improved now that I’ve learnt the right way to do things. Another surprise is realising how much welding is involved in automotive and finding that I really enjoy it and am pleased to gain that skill.”

“Our tutor is very inspiring, educational and supportive and always pushes us to strive for our best. All of the tutors and staff at NorthTec are welcoming, they have great tips and advice, are always involved, and there when you need them.”

“Completing this course will have a massive impact on my life. Having first done level 2, I’m now nearly finished level 3, then I want to get an apprenticeship, then a job and become a fully paid Mama. I have two young children and my family has lived off one income for a very long time so having two working parents will hugely impact our family’s life.”

“My dream is to earn a living as a fully qualified mechanic, as well as to run an automotive-focused youth space to keep our Whangarei/Northland youth occupied, safe and educated in the automotive sense.”

“I want to say a big thanks to NorthTec and our tutor for inspiring not only me but our whole class to do our best in everything we do here so that we can be job ready.”

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