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Chris Park - Automotive

Chris Park - Automotive

“I’ve always been interested in cars and fixing them but I have spent my life doing other work to support my car habit. I decided it was now time to chase what I love and this course was near where I live. I had the skills but these days we need tickets to show what we know.”

“I love being able to come to a place where I can immerse myself in the trade, do what I love, and improve my skills with a team who are all into the same thing. I’m used to learning things by myself by trial and error so it’s awesome to be with others on my level and tutors with their 40 years in the trade. I enjoy our teamwork on jobs and we bounce a lot of ideas off each other. It doesn’t feel like work.”

“I had a bit of knowledge about a lot of things, so the course is filling in gaps in my understanding of how things work and interconnect, and I’m amazed at the depth of knowledge you can reach. It’s also making my own diagnostics at home easier. The challenge for me is learning to deal with the new generation of electrics in cars. We grew up with old cars that we knew how to fix but it’s important to keep up with the electric diagnostics and systems or you get left behind.”

“My main goal here is to get the ticket demonstrating that I have the knowledge and the skills so that I can work in the automotive industry. The bonus is that it’s also good for my own confidence. One day I might start my own small workshop, but for now a mate who runs a side business in car repair heard I was doing this course and has asked me to do some work.”

“When I was young I wasn’t ready to commit myself to my passion, but I’ve learnt that anything you really want in life is there when you are ready…..just don’t leave it too long.”

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