Student Profile

Chris Boys - Applied Arts

Chris Boys - Digital Arts

Chris’ ultimate goal is to work for WETA Workshops. He researched the best programme to study to help him achieve his goals and found his answer close to home.

“I looked into different arts programmes around the country and found that NorthTec’s Applied Arts degree was able to provide me the skills I needed to achieve my goals in the digital world.

“What I like most about this programme is the flexibility that I have as a student. We have the space and materials to use to create whatever we want – the possibilities are endless and there is potential for anything. The tutors here will go to extreme lengths to provide the resources we require.

“The tutors on the programme are another thing I love – they guide you to do the best you can and they are there for you in any way they can be. They will put you on the path that is going to help you get to where you want to go, and they will help you every step of the way. They see your strengths and if they will advise you and talk through your different options. They really are the biggest help.

“My passion is gaming – NorthTec has helped me to create 3D animation and game design, they provide me with the resources and support to be able to create my dream.

“I believe this programme is teaching me things that are beneficial to my future career. This is getting me ready for what the industry will throw at me and what it expects of me. We have the opportunity to work alongside industry throughout the degree and it helps me to connect with the art industry in Whangarei. Networking is so important in the art industry. NorthTec provides me with the connections that I can go to with queries or collaborations, and who knows when I will use them when I finish my studies!”