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Alec Burnett - Mechanical Engineering

Alec Burnett - Mechanical Engineering

Alec completed a three-day welding course at NorthTec and decided to continue his studies on with a Certificate in Mechanical Engineering.

“I’m motivated to finish this programme because it means I get a head start on an apprenticeship or employment.
“I like the diversity in what we are learning, it’s very safety-focused to make sure we all know what we are doing. It’s teaching me all the basic skills I need to operate safely and effectively in the workplace. The tutor is really supportive and there are some good guys in the class - we all get along.

“It’s not like school, it’s pretty chill and it’s a nice environment to learn in. My favourite part is learning about fabrication – getting to make stuff and see it as a finished product, it’s pretty rewarding.

“It’s pretty important that we get to spend time in the industry while we study. I spend two days a week working with Archwell Engineering, and three days at NorthTec. Through this I know what I’m aiming for and what I can get out of doing this course. It prepares you for life after course, it prepares you for employment – what you’re going to be doing in the real world.

“If you’re thinking of starting a career in Mechanical Engineering, come to NorthTec first because they teach all you need to know before you get into the workplace. The tutors are a great support and they can potentially help you find a job too.”

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