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Abigail Venables - Hairdressing

Abigail Venables - Hairdressing

Abigail knew what she wanted to do as a career from an early age.

“I’ve wanted to become a hairdresser since I was about 11. I love the idea of making someone look their best, and see them go out and be able to say, I did that! I like the customer experience side of it as well - getting to know regular customers and being able to go through their journeys with them is really quite cool.

“I like the practical side of studying at NorthTec and the fact that we have our own salon here with clients coming in is great. It’s important to have that industry experience while I study because I am able to go into a workplace and already have the practical experience behind all the theory. It’s a nice balance between studying and practical learning. It’s really cool to be able to get a job straight out of training as well.

“It was the best option for me to come to NorthTec because I was able to stay close to my family and train for the career I wanted. It’s a really nice environment at NorthTec, there are people that are willing to give me all the help I need to achieve my goals.

“If someone wanted to train as a hairdresser, I’d tell them to come to NorthTec because you get the job experience in a salon and you get the feel of it before and you get to go into a salon with all this practical experience behind you.”

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