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Zander Volschenk - Electrical Engineering

Zander Volschenk - Electrical Engineering

With a family background in electrical engineering, Zander had already started studying in that field in South Africa. “Dad then came here to New Zealand so I gave up my study there and we started researching places here where I could continue studying. I was able to cross-credit the basic levels here and signed up as an international student. It’s expensive but worth it.”

“Both my Dad and my brother are electrical engineers and are doing well for themselves so when I left school at 16 in South Africa, I decided to do electrical engineering too and found I liked it. I’m finding the study content here is more applied, more integrated to industry, and more fun. South Africa has a reputation as being good at electrical engineering with good training so I’m pleasantly surprised to find that it compares so well.”

“I’m also taking my study here more seriously. Before I was just cruising along to get through but here I’m studying more so that I know my work and I want to do well. The tutors are great and are more like a friend. Getting familiar with the industry terminology here is my biggest challenge because my previous study was in Afrikaans.”

“I want to get an apprenticeship with Northpower and to do that I need a 70 to 80 per cent pass rate, so that’s a good motivator for me. Our tutors have a lot of trade connections but we make our own way to getting work experience on Fridays and that can lead to other opportunities.’

“I want to become a qualified electrical engineer so that I can create an interesting life and get my own house.”

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