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Zaine May - Painting

Zaine May - Painting

“I did an agriculture course first but I liked painting when I was young. The best part of this painting course is learning how to do things properly by physically doing them. There’s a lot more to rolling than I thought – especially rolling a ceiling.”

“As part of the course we students work together on a house for work experience and we work well as a team. We’re a good mix of ages and backgrounds. I’m surprised that I’m quite good and steady at cutting in.”

“When I finish the course I’m hoping to get a job painting and then want to get an apprenticeship. By getting knowledge and experience in painting we can apply that to our own houses in the future without having to pay someone else.”

“We have family land so the dream for me is to spend my life both painting and farming, and ultimately be able to make my own place.”

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