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Yehudi Russell - Hospitality

Yehudi Russell - Hospitality

“I decided to do the course because I couldn’t picture myself doing anything else as interesting as hospitality. I’ve always cooked quite a lot at home so it grew from there. I thought I’d have to go to Whangarei to do an official cheffing course but I’ve now just finished the 12-week Food and Beverage Service course here.”

“I loved the atmosphere here, and getting to make the coffee in the café – complete with perks. I was the only guy in our class and found the other committed students really enjoyable to be around.”

“By getting this ticket it’s a lot easier to get a job in the field because you can really get thrown in the deep end out there, especially if you move to a new place. I’m currently casually employed in the kitchen at a local café and my next step is to go on and do level 3 at Whangarei.”

“Eventually I’d love to be a chef or work front-of-house because you can travel a lot with those skills. And it’s human work that won’t ever be taken over by machines.”

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