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Yasmin Bainbridge - Cookery

Yasmin Bainbridge - Cookery

“I’ve always had a passion for food because my Mum was a good cook and my Grandad had a café in Malaysia. I’ve also prepared food for our church since I came to New Zealand 10 years ago, and I have a cup cake stall at the market in Dargaville. I have two kids and I thought it may be too late for me to study, but as soon as I saw the pamphlet for this course everything fell into place.”

“I applied directly, doors opened and I love it. I’m learning new techniques, I enjoy the campus environment, and the tutors and other students are so supportive. I had to go back to Malaysia when my Mum passed away and the tutors found a way to make that possible for me. We have several international students and so I’m ‘mumsie’ to them. They come to me for advice, and in turn I’m learning from the other Kiwi students.”

“The only challenge for me is the commute from Dargaville four days a week and juggling that with family, but my husband is a huge support and helps make this possible. It’s so worth it because I’m learning so much about food and food safety, and the course sets me up for my vision.”

“I want to get a job in a commercial kitchen after this course, and longer term I want to create my own café that is a place where I can tell people the story of the food. It will be about fresh healthy eating and Asian food fusion.”

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