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Vinkal Gaur - Sport and Recreation

Vinkal Gaur - Sport and Recreation

A few years ago Vinkal started reading up on physiology and bio-mechanics to complement his own performance in running, body building and swimming, but that fascination has now led to a career change. “I have a Master’s degree in commerce and was an accountant in India, but when I started coaching other runners there as a side-line in 2010, I realised coaching was more natural for me. The students I was coaching had good successes at state and national levels so I looked at how and where to study sport and recreation.”

“A degree in Sport and Recreation specifically studies sports science – compared to a general science degree – and that’s the field I’m interested in. I’m an international student and looked at training in Germany but it was in German, and the UK was expensive. My search led me to AUT and then to NorthTec which has the advantage for me of being in a small city. I want to specialise in working with high-level athletes like Olympians so the credentials of the tutors here, as top-level performers themselves, was also a drawcard.”

“I like that the degree is broad and leaves you to choose your own pathway if and when you’re ready, and I’m loving the small class sizes. Everyone is welcoming and warm and I really enjoy being part of the NorthTec community. I’m also working in the greater community as a trainer at the Aquatic Centre. Within that study/work combination, I’m developing an unexpected interest in rehab. Social and mental health are so integrated with physical health and it’s humbling for me to be involved in these services.”

“When I finish the degree I plan to go on and study biomechanics and physiology of human performance at a PhD level. And ultimately I want to spend some time in Africa because that is where the top runners are coming from. Top performance sport now is dealing in incremental measurements like micro-seconds and at that level, sports science is essential. It’s a field that didn’t really exist professionally until a few years ago.”

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