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Verronica Herewini - Mental Health

Verronica Herewini - Mental Health

“Mum is a social worker so I know how much need there is for support workers up here. One of our whānau has also been in and out of prison for years and in supporting him, I see lots of others without support.”

“So I already have the experience and this course will give me the ticket into the industry. I actually did the Mental Health and Addictions course some years ago but I’ve grown since then, and so has my urgency and drive to be able to help.”

“I saw this new course when my partner came to enrol for something else, so I was a last- minute enrolment. I always thought I’d do a bachelor in social services or nursing first but this timing feels right.” 

“The best part of the course is having a tutor who supports each of us in every way. We’re all walking this journey together and the course is part of our own healing. Because of what we share, we’ve developed a trust in each other and have connected in a deep way to create our own whānau.”

“Doing the course will give me many more employment options so I can help whoever I come across. I’m already doing that in my everyday life but this adds a professional aspect and helps me with self-care and boundaries.”

“I will become a full-time support worker as soon as I complete the course and I can do my bachelor of social services while I’m working.  I’m still expanding and exploring longer-term options but they include supporting the elderly, youth, and maybe prisoners, and giving respite to carers.”

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