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Trinity Edwards - Sport and Recreation

Trinity Edwards - Sport and Recreation

“I just finished my first year studying Sport and Recreation at Waikato uni when my circumstances changed. I wanted to move back up here so I took a semester off then had to start again.”

“The training here is so hands-on and I’m loving the community involvement. Some of the papers are designed around Sports Northland events and we get to volunteer at things like turbo-touch in schools.”

“We’ve also developed our own community amongst the students. Being part of a small, caring class is such a contrast to being in a uni lecture with 200 people with no interaction. Here we all support each other, we Facebook chat, and are involved in each other’s lives.”

“What we learn impacts our own personal development and our lives in ways I wasn’t expecting but really like. The tutors are also there for us in a really dedicated way giving extra time and support or just checking that we’re OK.”

“I’m upskilling here in a way that will open so many more career opportunities for me. When I started my study I wanted to be a personal trainer but now I’m leaning more towards health and wellbeing out in the community or in the forces. There are so many options there and I’m still exploring the possibilities.”

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