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Tom Taylor - Civil Engineering

Tom Taylor - Civil Engineering

“I’m working full time as a project manager and price estimator for Robinsons Asphalt and they are supporting me to study part time here for my diploma. I became interested in engineering when I was working for an engineering company in post-earthquake Christchurch for a few years.”

“I find what I’m learning in the course is refreshing my overall engineering knowledge, filling in some gaps for me, and it’s directly relevant to the context of my work. The content is broad-ranging and includes things like surveying and geo-tech.” 

“I haven’t studied for seven years so getting back into the maths is a bit of challenge, as is time management in juggling work and study, but the course is giving me the credentials and confidence to progress in my field.”

“A lot of the other students and the tutors are working or consulting as well, so we’re all able to network and give each other professional leads. When I get my diploma I’ll stay in the job I have out of both interest and loyalty, and long term I want to work in a similar field.”

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