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Tiechar Hill - Nursing

Tiechar Hill - Nursing

“I had a few interactions with the health profession as a young mother of two. Some of those were positive and some were negative, but there was one nurse who was really supportive to me at a time that mattered, and that had a lot of impact on me. I knew then that I wanted to help people when they felt vulnerable.”

“I also knew that I was ready to study, and to make a change, and doing my nursing degree through NorthTec has enabled that. Because the delivery of the course is 80 per cent off campus, I can study and still be at home with my tamariki. It suits my current situation but also requires a lot of discipline and motivation when there’s a lot happening at home. It’s easier in some ways when we step into work placement.”

“The more I see and learn, the more I realise that there are a lot of different realities and health disparities. Health is holistic and includes whānau, physical, mental, social, spiritual, financial and community aspects. It’s very validating that our course covers and explores all of these.”

“Even though we’re off campus a lot, we stay connected as students. We’re a diverse group and we’re all doing our training for different reasons. The tutors go above and beyond to see that we achieve our goals. They check in on us and are available 24/7 if needed.”

“By getting my nursing degree I’ll be able to give back to my whānau, hapū and iwi.  I’m one of 11 siblings and I’ll be the first one to get a degree. It’s making my whānau proud and it is also self-rewarding. My whānau is my motivation.”

“When I complete my degree, I want to get as much experience in as many areas of nursing as I can. My dream is then to be a nurse practitioner and go back to my Turangawaewae in the Hokianga and work with my whānau. I belong to the hapū of Te Hikutu, I’m of Ngāpuhi descent and I’m a proud Māori nurse. I’m starting to see and be part of the change movement in nursing.”

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