Student Profile

Tessa Wilson - Applied Arts

Tessa Wilson - Applied Arts

“I have a friend who suffers from depression. She painted to express herself and I used to go around and paint with her. I loved it and I could see how much better she felt through the painting process. I also worked at a primary school helping kids with disabilities to form alphabet letters.”

“I had friends at NorthTec and seeing their social media posts made me want to go into art teaching, so I came on board this course. I love that the tutors are really laid back but still give us lots of guidance and info. They are more like friends, and they make allowances if you’re sick or need to catch-up. Everyone here supports each other. The students are great but when I’m around people I get along with, I tend to talk - so I like to take my work home to do it.”

“The stand-out of the course for me is simply creating and what comes out of us. We cover general core subjects but my chosen option here is print-making. At some point we had to paint a self-portrait, and I can’t paint, let alone do a self-portrait. But I did it - and I was really happy with the result.”

“It’s great being able to do what you love and get a degree out of it. I want to be an art teacher and this qualification will give me a lot more options for the scope and context of that. After the degree, I want to do a post-grad diploma in teaching and I’ll see what unfolds from there.”