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Renee Skinner - Agriculture

Renee Skinner - Agriculture

“I’ve re-found my love of learning here. I always did well at school until year 12 when the system changed and I found the class pace too slow and the environment too noisy, so I turned off learning. I did the basics to pass but missed some things I needed.”

“So I came here straight from school to sign up for foundation study to get into nursing. The course was cancelled but the agriculture tutor happened to walk in while I was waiting - and I signed up for that instead. I’m so glad I did because I’m really enjoying it and it’s helped me love learning again. I still plan to become a nurse but I’m taking advantage of this now.”

“I grew up in the bush and love animals so I’ve always enjoyed being outside, and I like the physical aspect of this course. We’ve learned how to fix a fence, catch calves, use tools, milk cows, drive a quad and cut firewood. It means that as well as being useful on a farm, we have those skills for our own lives. I always ask heaps of questions because I’m keen to understand.”

“My challenge is realising that my lack of confidence often holds me back. This course is helping push me out of my comfort zone to try new stuff and then I find out it’s easy. A lot of the other students are older and I enjoy their maturity because everyone wants to learn and we’re all focused. We’re paying for this so there’s a lot at stake.”

“Now that I’m keen to learn again, I want to get As. So far my assessments have all been marked A, and that includes a practical component. When I get my certificate I’ll try and get a job, ideally in agriculture to utilise my year of study, but I’ll do any job so I can be financially independent.”

“My dream would be to somehow combine being a farmer and nursing. I’m not sure yet what that could look like. I’m still young so there’s time to explore some options.”

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