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Paige Lloydd - Beauty Therapy

Paige Lloydd - Beauty Therapy

“I’ve always liked makeup and watched lots about it on YouTube. I also studied beauty consultancy in town while I was still at school. When I explored training options, NorthTec seemed the most compact and value-for-money choice.”

“I enjoy being here so much that it doesn't feel like learning. There is such a huge difference from school and I really look forward to coming here every day. The environment is great and the classes and students are fun but we still learn so much.”

“Our class is really close and because we’re all different ages and have different views on life, we’re also building tolerance. The tutor is like one of us and is really understanding if life happens to us and we have to adjust our usual schedule, or catch up at a different time.”

“At the moment I’m really enjoying waxing and find it satisfying seeing the results. I’m surprised how much I like learning anatomy and physiology. This knowledge makes everything else make sense and having that understanding makes me feel more secure about what I am doing.”

“I want to keep learning throughout my career but this qualification will put me in a really good starting place. I’ll enter the industry with more confidence, more knowledge and more credibility and I’ll progress faster. NorthTec teaches you what you need to know, then you can go on and learn more advanced or specialist aspects within the industry.”

“I want to work in cruise ships when I finish the course. You can get a nine-month contract where you work crazy hours, but it’s a great way to get experience, save money and travel at the same time. Before going on cruise ships, I’ll do the six-week Steiner Salon training in London which specifically prepares you for cruise ship work. It’s an intense training but it’s a huge plus for your CV and will combine really well with the internationally-recognised City and Guild certificates we get here.”

“During that time I’ll be open to any possibilities that present anywhere in the world.”

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