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Olivia Sweeney - Hospitality

Olivia Sweeney - Hospitality

“I’m at the beginning of a new career now and I want at the top of a pile of candidates when I’m applying for a new job. I’m a doer, so I like that you accomplish so much in this course in a short time. I haven’t studied for years because I’ve been a stay at home Mum, and I find the focus and commitment from both myself and some of the other students is really refreshing and very satisfying.”

“Another aspect I enjoy is that we learn how to train others, so we work with school students who are keen to learn. I’m surprised at how much the tutor goes out of her way to expose us to employers and the industry.”

“I’m hoping that getting this qualification will dramatically impact my life, and I want to get a good job when I finish with hours that suit my family commitments. I’d then love to go on and study cookery later when I get more time.”

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