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Ngakuru Penney - Forestry

Ngakuru Penney - Forestry

“Now that I’ve started learning and upskilling, I have a 20 year plan to progress my life. I got into forestry first as a builder, and then started getting industry tickets through our employer through NorthTec. When I finished my first course I realised I could keep upskilling with added tickets and skills, and each time my knowledge and my pay go up.”

“The best thing about the courses is that we learn totally on the job with the tutor when he comes on site. Sometimes he’ll work with a group of us on the same thing, then he helps us one-on-one in our specialist areas. He guides us through the theory too but now with the new books and structures, we do a lot of that in our own time. I left school at 14 and I’m a talker and listener rather than a reader and writer, so there have been a few basic challenges but the tutor and my partner help me when I need it.”

“Every day is different and I want to take in as much as possible. I’m surprised at how much there is to learn and how keen I am. I jump on anything. I started with the extraction and the skidder tickets and now I’m doing log loading. Next I’ll move into mechanized processing then to the hauler tickets. After that, there are more gates that open as you progress.”

“Long term I’d love to start my own business as a trainer/assessor for forestry and build a great life for me and my family.”

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