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Nan Zhang - Architectural Technology

Nan Zhang - Architectural Technology

“I decided to do this course because of the TV show Fixer upper. I’ve studied other things in the 10 years I’ve been living in New Zealand and I’ve been working as a chef, but studying architectural technology means I can get into business flipping houses with my wife.”

“I especially love the CAD and the modern technology that we use. It’s fast and the results look really professional. The architectural language is a bit of a challenge for me, because even though I’ve lived here for 10 years, it’s a specific language of its own. And the course is more complex and detailed than I realised from reading the brochure online.”

“However, the students and tutors are great and really friendly. We’re quite a mix of ages and experience and some of the students have a building background and are helpful in sharing their knowledge.”

“Getting this qualification will open the door for me to get into business. I will have knowledge on house design and construction, and the regulations and compliances that relate to that. First I will get a job to get some experience and some money, then my dream is to be in the business of house renovation (or flipping) with my wife. She has her own additional interest in tiny houses so there are also possibilities there.”

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