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Michael Pereira - Mechanical Engineering

Michael Pereira - Mechanical Engineering

“I wanted to go farming but my Dad suggested it would be better to get a trade first. He is in engineering and I always liked being in his workshop so I thought I’d give it a go. I’m only 16 so I’ve got time on my side.”

“I’m loving having a play on the machines and the course is a lot more hands-on than I expected. I thought we’d spend more time on computers. I’m also surprised at how good I am on the lathe. Getting the measurements sorted is a bit of a challenge for me but I get support with that here.”

“Now that I’m into it, when I finish the course I want to get an apprenticeship in mechanical engineering working with lathes and milling machines.”

“Eventually I’m keen to take over Dad’s workshop. He does general engineering but specialises in polish and chroming for superyachts - like making handles and rails.”

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