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Lynlee Bird - Social Work

Lynlee Bird - Social Work

“I’ve always been a nurturing, caring person but five years ago I wouldn’t have guessed I’d be studying for my degree in social work – despite my mother suggesting I would be a good social worker.”

“I’ve taken a lot of paths since high school including early childhood teaching, an introduction to nursing, and working in rest homes. One of the clients at one of the rest homes was under mental health care and it was then that I developed a passion for working in mental health.”

“Once I decided that I wanted to be a social worker, I applied for and was accepted for other unis but I have dyslexia and NorthTec was the only place that offered support with that –plus, I’m not a city girl. We come out with the same qualification from here without the exams.”

“The best thing about this course is how small and intimate the class is, plus all the support we get from the tutors and each other. We’re dealing with big issues here so it brings up our own weaknesses and strengths. Dyslexia has been my biggest challenge but I have faced it with all the support here, so it isn’t an issue with my study now.”

“There are a whole heap of surprises within this course. We learn about life and we learn about our own development and in doing so we develop and grow as people. The layers of depth and complexity of being human are ongoing and fascinating.” 

“This degree will give me an entry to social work and open the door to practice in the mental health area. I’m already employed at the Alzheimer’s Society so I have a foot in the door there, but after finishing the course I’ll be able to really start my career and put my learning into practice.”

“Later in my career I’d like to do a master’s degree so I can teach mental health and help others with dyslexia. I want to empower others to find their own paths. In the meantime NorthTec is like a second home to me and I would encourage anyone to study here. I’ve found everything I’m looking for here and it has set me on a journey I never thought I’d be capable of.”

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