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Louise Wairepo - Horticulture

Louise Wairepo - Horticulture

“I was working in hot-houses with palms in Auckland then moved up here and have been working in hot-houses and gardens. I already have the CV and the references but it’s time now to get the ticket to validate the experience and open more opportunities.”

“As soon as my daughter saw this course on Facebook, I came down and signed up. I love the touch of the soil and being amongst the smell and growth of the plants. We have a knowledgeable tutor who takes time to explain things and has a beautiful communication style with the students. He has the patience to help me with the theory and botanical names that are a challenge.”

“What we are learning is uplifting, and my passion for plants and their processes will get me through any challenges. I especially enjoy collecting seed and propagating. I didn’t know how it was done but now it means I can collect seed and cuttings and create plants for free. I love putting something in the earth and watching it flourish. Creating beauty is healing.”

“By getting a horticulture qualification I’ll be able to get a job doing what I love with more pay and more responsibility. Through work experience for the course, I’m already working part time at a local nursery. I also have some land on the gum-fields that I want to gradually plant up with what I’ve propagated and make it look like paradise.”

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