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Leah Land - Cookery

Leah Land - Cookery

“I was choosing between studying cookery or social work and actually, cookery chose me. I looked into this programme, read student profiles and realised cookery was second nature to me.”

“I’m from a big family so as soon as I was high enough to reach the bench, I was part of food preparing for family gatherings and weddings. As a young adult, people asked me to help cater for events so I already had some experience and really enjoyed that experience. I therefore decided to get the qualification to back it.”

“The best part of doing the course is learning things that I didn't know existed. It has expanded my horizons, including learning French cookery terminology and history. Key influencers, such as Auguste Escoffier (from France), have developed cuisine and cookery as we know it today. We get a window into other cultures. And our tutor is amazing. He has a calm and humble approach in the kitchen and I aspire to be more like him.”

“The real surprise – and delight – to me is that a couple of tutors have chosen me to work side-by-side with them at their personal events. One was being part of a prize for the winner to have two chefs come to their house and cook for them, and the other was to cook for a birthday function where a High Court judge was present. I love that the experience is exposing me to different situations.”

“Another surprise was our tutor’s imaginative intro into level 4. We had a ‘get back into it day’ where we played cricket and had a shared lunch of food we all brought that originated from our culture or our Mum’s home cooking. We have a diverse group with six international students and we all have different strengths to bring to the table. We love to share our knowledge and learn from each other.”

“I want to complete the Diploma in Cookery, get some more work experience, then travel, eat and explore different cuisine all around the world. We’ve just done the City and Guild’s Food Safety Certificate which is internationally recognised, and I managed to gain a distinction so that’s a plus for my CV.”

“My diploma will give me a ticket to life. A qualification gives you somewhere to step from and to step to. Thank you so much to all my inspirational tutors.”

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