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Kelsey Lawrence - Painting

Kelsey Lawrence - Painting

“The best part of this course is that we’re out there doing up a community building in town, not just sitting in a classroom. We got some experience here first stripping down and painting some old church pews, and we had to organise the business side of the town job sorting out things like the scaffolding and pricing, but we mostly learn by doing.”

“I’ve always loved painting, changing things around, art and drawing. I’ve been farming for my grandparents and working in my Dad’s engineering shop in town, but I’m keen to learn more about painting and there’s a lot of work for brush hands at the moment.”

“I surprised at how much I’m enjoying learning. I was home schooled and I hated school so I didn’t think I liked learning, but this is so applied and I now want to keep learning. It was awesome meeting all the students and the tutor is so encouraging and doesn’t leave anyone behind. The tutor’s motto is ‘Achieving together’.”

“As soon as I finish the course I want to get a job painting and I’ll go on and do level 4 which gets into paint spraying, wall-papering and plastering. There’s lot of painting and trade work around at the moment and the pay is good if you’re efficient and know what you’re doing. Already my nana wants me to paint her house.”

“I’ll keep learning, get more experience and see where it takes me.”

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