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Kahli Rowland - Beauty Therapy

Kahli Rowland - Beauty Therapy

“I’ve always enjoyed doing make-up and helping other people to feel good. I knew one of tutors here plus some others who were coming to the course, so I signed up straight from school.”

“The tutors here really want you to pass, are helpful and make you feel inspired and confident. At the moment I’m enjoying waxing and spray tanning, and the make-up that we do soon will be fun. More of a challenge for me is learning the different techniques for nails and then developing our own technique. Learning all the muscles for massage also takes study and discipline but it’s really interesting.”

“This qualification gives me a career I can do anywhere. I’ll always have it behind me and this is one of the fastest growing courses in the industry just now. When I finish the course I’ll work in Whangarei for a while to get experience then I’m keen to travel. I’ll see what unfolds. It would be good to be well known in an area for being good at some aspect in the industry.”

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