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Joshua Walker - Applied Writing

Joshua Walker - Applied Writing

“Since high school I’ve wanted to write and illustrate fiction books for children with disabilities because early in my life I was diagnosed with high functioning autism. My mum was studying to be a nurse at NorthTec and found out about this applied writing course, so I came on board and am now I’m in my final year. I’m surprised at how well I’m doing.”

“The course is all online and the best part of it for me is meeting all the other students with an interest in writing. We critique each other’s work and socialize online, and occasionally meet up physically at a hui, but most of our connection is online. This is a break-through for me because I struggled at school to socialize. I think my school classmates would be surprised at what I’ve been capable of doing.”

“The essays are a bit of a challenge because sometimes I find it hard to think in order but the tutors are really helpful and Mum gives me a hand if I need it. I knew the course would be hard and a challenge but that is what I wanted. I’m surprised I’m doing so well because I really thought I’d quit. It’s very satisfying.”

“Doing this course has given me the confidence to know I can write stories for children with disabilities, and maybe help teach them through the stories. I’ll illustrate the writing with my own cartoon images. I’ll have to work hard but I have a stack of story ideas and I’ve already started writing my first one.”

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