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Joanna Skyrme - Environmental Management

Joanna Skyrme - Environmental Management

“I had been living overseas for a lot of the last 10 years and have always been a massive advocate for New Zealand and our environment. When I came home a year ago, I loved being back and was inspired by the great work happening in Northland. In the process of re-discovering our amazing walks, I came across a lady surveying skinks on the Bream Head track, a summer job she had gained through work experience during this course. She was incredibly enthusiastic about all aspects of the programme and NorthTec, which was the final push I needed to start the enrolment process.”

“This course has a good reputation and the degree (through Auckland Unitec) is internationally recognised so it opens the door to working or volunteering abroad. It has helped me gain a much greater understanding and appreciation for our incredibly diverse environment.”

“I grew up in the Bay of Islands and always had a passion for the natural environment but it was mostly from a recreational point of view. I didn’t have a deep understanding of the functionalities or of just how special and unique New Zealand is on a world scale. My challenge now is that I’m so invested in my studies that I have to remember it’s important to maintain a life outside of the course too!”

“I started this course at a transitional point in my life, and it has given me the confidence to speak up on issues with an educated voice – something I wouldn’t have been able to do before. Also within our class some students are from dairy farms, or the bush, or hunting backgrounds so we’re all learning to appreciate different points of view. The tutors create a relaxed classroom environment and encourage us to interact and ask questions.”

“My degree will give me a lot more fulltime work options in an area I’m already passionate about. There are so many facets of conservation and environmental management, and New Zealand is at a pivotal point right now. I’m hoping the course will help me navigate the direction I want to go.”

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