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Jeremiah Gauniqio - Architectural Technology

Jeremiah Gauniqio - Architectural Technology

“Since I was a kid I’ve always liked drawing buildings and then through high school I started getting into construction. I was born in Fiji, came to New Zealand in 2011 and finished high school here. I looked at studying architecture in Auckland but my brother and sister had both been to NorthTec so I found out about the course here.”

“Working with Archi-CAD is the thing I love most about the course but it is also the most challenging thing for me. I thought architecture would all about drawing but it’s mostly computerised and CAD is a challenge to learn. I’m surprised at how much is involved in architecture technology apart from design and construction. We visited the council a few weeks back to learn about how to register a building and there’s lot to learn about regulations and procedure. I enjoy processing all that information, but I have my days.”

“The tutors explain everything fully, and I’m the youngest in our class so I also have the advantage of learning from students who have construction or other related work experience. In return I can help them with some of the current trends.”

“When I get my diploma I want to work with an architect to see how they work and to get experience. I may on go to study a degree architecture but for now I’m keeping my options open.”

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