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Jason Mickan - Commercial Transport

Jason Mickan - Commercial Transport

“Doing this course gives my life direction and meaning. Before this I had work but I had no tickets, no goals, and my life was going nowhere. I was working on a farm in the weather and the mud and driving the school bus, but I’ve always wanted to drive logging trucks and do long hauls.”

“I can still work three days a week while I do this commercial transport course and I end up with several tickets like forklifts and a National Certificate in class 2, 4 and 5 licences. Everyone here is so keen to learn and the programme and tutors are a great motivation. The tutors have all been out there doing it and that makes a huge difference to how we learn.”

“This is the first course I have ever done so the paperwork is a challenge but there’s help here for that. It’s good to exercise my mental capacities and I’m surprised at how well I’m doing and how much I’m getting on with it. I’m also surprised at the range of what we learn. It’s not just driving but includes safety, making your load secure, and how to prevent driver fatigue.”

“I’ve already got work lined up for when I finish the course. I dropped my CV into a trucking company and they’re keen to take me on. My ultimate would be working in the mines in Australia driving big dump trucks. I’d literally be moving mountains.”

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