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Jared Wilson - Automotive Engineering

Jared Wilson - Automotive Engineering

“I got the chance to be part of the service crew at NorthTec for the International Rally of Whangarei. I did the refuels morning and night and the clean-up, and that led to an invitation to be part of the Canterbury rally service crew a bit later.”

Jared stepped up to do the automotive engineering course from a strong mechanical background and a keen interest in motorsport. “My father is a mechanic and the family are contractors so I thought I knew a lot about automotive engineering. But when I started the course here I realised how much I didn't know. Reading the books and learning from the tutors helped me join a lot of dots.”

“Meeting new people here has opened me up to new ideas and the tutors are the best. They’ve been in the trade and are teaching us their tricks. I have a bit of a challenge with the book work but the support is there within the course. Anybody can do this and you can start at 16 years old.”

“Completing the course will make it easier for me to get an apprenticeship in lightweight automotive engineering. I’ve gained the knowledge and shown I have the discipline to apply myself.”

Further down the track Jared has his sights set on being a mechanic in a motorsport team. “My uncle was a rally car driver and during the car rally here I was surprised at how many options exist within the industry. It can take me around the world and shows me the leading edge of automotive technology before it hits the mainstream.”

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