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Hayden Rowse - Travel and Tourism

Hayden Rowse - Travel and Tourism

“This was a last-minute decision for me but a really good one. I did lots of subjects at school but had no passion for any of them until I took tourism. I found I enjoyed it and was interested in it and the teacher helped me realise there could be a career there. I hadn’t travelled overseas much but Dad is part of a four-wheel-drive club so that took us all over New Zealand.” 

“I explored going to uni but coming to NorthTec means less disruption to my life and I can commute every day from Dargaville. What I love most about doing the course is that I’m interested enough to focus. Usually I fade into myself but the tutor is really helping me to hold my focus. The next level is harder so that will be a challenge and it will be good for me. I’m the only guy in our class but we’re a range of ages and experiences so mixing is easy.”

“The course has opened me up to the scope of work within tourism. I’m realising most industries have, or can have, a tourism aspect and that it’s in a real growth phase in New Zealand now. I work on our family farm at the moment and Dad was keen for me to take that over but it’s not for me. I’m glad I stayed on until year 13 at school because it gave me options, and by doing this course I’ll be able to get an actual career.”

“I’m focusing on passing the course and after that I’ll get work in tourism. A relative lives in Paihia so I hope to be able to live and work there in the Bay of Islands to begin with. I’ll see what other options unfold from there.”

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