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Gary Baker - Painting

Gary Baker - Painting

“My Dad’s a painter so I’ve been painting since I was a teenager and basically have the advantage of knowing what I’m doing. I decided to do the course because I want to learn different ways of doing things, upskill, learn to use different gear and get qualifications so I can take on bigger job contracts.”

“I love painting so I really enjoy the course. It’s opened my eyes to other ways to prep aside from Dad’s way. I’m also learning to use the spray gun which is something Dad always did, and I’m surprised to find I’m actually quite good at it.”

“Our class is a mixed crew and we all work together and learn from each other. I can help some of the young fellas with some tips and with their paperwork. The tutor is thorough and he’s an ace man. I ask him lots of questions. He knows I’m interested and he encourages me with uplifting comments and helpful extra info.”

“Getting this qualification means I will have something behind me that says I’ve got this. I want to start connecting with builders and painters to get jobs and I want to also learn how to plaster. I’m feeling competent and confident. I know what I need to do, in what sequence, and how to price it.”

“I’m ready to take on a contract of my own now so I’ll advertise by word of mouth and start doing work on Thursdays and Fridays which are our work experience days. My dream is to own my own business and employ people. There’s a big demand for this trade now and I feel equipped to help meet that.”

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