Student Profile

Detchie Pacete - Foundation (Nursing)

Detchie Pacete - Foundation (Nursing)

“I was in hospital for a lot of my life and the nurses inspired me to start on the nursing training journey. Because I was fresh out of school, it seemed best to do this foundation course first. It’s great because I’m learning so much that will help me in my career, and I’m meeting a lot of new people and seeing how they work.”

“I’m really surprised at how much I’m enjoying human biology and how much I now know about it. I learnt biology at school but I didn’t have the same motivation. All the students here are keen to learn and we’re all looking to step up and improve, and the tutors are wonderful. They understand where we’re coming from and relate the info we’re learning to us and our lives.”

“From here I want to go on and do level 4 so then will have a better chance of being accepted into nursing.”

“It’s interesting how my dream has changed. I wanted to become a flight attendant or get into hospitality but spending so much time in hospital inspired a fresh focus. I’m now forming a new dream to be a really good nurse and to be able to impact other people’s lives in my own way.”

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