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Declan Menefy - Mechanical Engineering

Declan Menefy - Mechanical Engineering

“I loved making motorbikes at school in engineering, but apart from that school was not my thing. Dad was into metal and motors so I was always interested in what he was doing. My grandmother knew about this course because she works at NorthTec so I decided to give it a go.”

“The best part of the course for me is the focus on machines. We learn machining, fabrication and welding, and machinery overview, and we come out with a certificate in all three. In our apprenticeships we can either specialise in one area or continue in all three. I like to design and build things that involve machining parts, welding parts, and fabricating parts.”

“Because of what I’ve done before I’m finding this course a bit cruisy. I expected it to be harder. The paper work stretches me though so I get help from my Dad and the tutors for that. We have a great mix of students of all ages, backgrounds and experiences so we learn short cuts from each other as well as from the tutors.”

“I’m trying to get work experience now as part of the course but it’s a bit harder than I thought so I’ll just keep putting myself out there. From that, I want to get an apprenticeship to continue with all aspects of machining.”

“The ultimate for me is to build four wheel drives from a pile of parts.”

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