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Daria Chernova - Civil Engineering

Daria Chernova - Civil Engineering

“This seemed my best course of study because I’m good at maths and New Zealand needs civil engineers. I am from Russia and my sister and I researched study options before I moved here, and we found that NorthTec was a good technical school. I then moved here, studied English to level 4, and I started my civil engineering training.”

“I really enjoy the maths content in the course because it was always my favourite subject at school, but I struggle a bit with some of the other subjects because of the English. However, I’m learning to believe in myself and to just do it, and I’m surprised to find I’m getting good results. The tutors always support me and are helping me to relax more. They explain things patiently and the students are really encouraging as well.”

“I like doing everything myself, so the challenge for me is to learn to ask for help – because sometimes I need help. By doing that both my language and confidence are improving.”

“I want to get a good job so that I have confidence in my future and can be independent. I want to prove to myself I can do this as a student, as a civil engineer, and as a woman.”

“Engineering will give me a stable income while I build up my passion for video. I recently started working as a video editor for travel, music and advertising videos, and I want to have the money to get the gear and learn more about it. My dream is to have my engineering career support me as I build up my side-gig of freelancing in video editing.”

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