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Danyon Stuart - Agriculture

Danyon Stuart - Agriculture

“I’ve come on board this course because my mother doesn't want me to own a tractor until I know how to drive it safely, plus I want to start working on a dairy farm and want to be able to drive the machinery there safely as well. I also want to upskill in farming in general. I grew up on a sheep and beef farm owned by my grandfather and I’m ready to learn more now than just the labouring side of it.”

“I know and like NorthTec because I’ve previously done a horticulture course here to figure out soils. The best part of this course is mucking around on the machinery, moving trucks and mowing out in the paddock. I like using the old equipment because it’s harder to use and that gear is still out there on some farms.”

“Fencing is also part of our course and I’m surprised to learn that I’m not as good at it as I thought I was. I had done some with my grandfather and he had it sussed, but I’m now learning how much I didn't know.”

“Some of our classmates are experienced and some are totally new to farming but we’re all learning at our own speed. I like to watch the tutor use the machinery like the tractor, the 125 motorbike and the quad truck, then when he trusts that we’ve got it, we get to have a go.” 

“When I finish here, if I can get a job on a dairy farm I’ll take it, or if not, I’ll do the next course here which is on cattle and pastures. My long-term dream is to travel and apply my skills. Eventually, I’ll come back home, get a piece of land and farm it the way I want to, which is as green as possible.”

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