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Damon Duyvesteyn - Construction

Damon Duyvesteyn - Construction

“I love everything about this course. I like doing the hands-on work and the feeling of satisfaction when we’ve made something, and it’s a lot easier to learn here than at school because I can see why we need to know things. I remember building a table and chairs at school in construction and it was my favourite subject because it was so hands-on.”

“But it’s a real surprise that I’m doing construction now. I wanted to do engineering and mechanics but Dad suggested I do construction because I could always get a job and that I’d be outside instead of in a shed. I didn’t really want to but I agreed to do it. It seems he knew something, because I love it. I’m even happy to catch my sister’s school bus so that I can get here.”

“We’ve already been building things on-campus like tables, a saw-horse, and making a chiselled-out box for an oilstone. Making things gives you such a sense of achievement. The other students are really friendly and we all help each other, just as a group should. I’m one of the youngest but we all get along because we’re interested in the same things. It’s one of the best classes I’ve ever been in. Everyone is so relaxed and just getting on with it.”

“I want to carry on and do level 3 where we start building fences and a deck. By getting this ticket I’ll always be able to get work and I can still do engineering later or as a hobby and fix up an old car. Once I’ve had enough experience, my dream is to design and build my own house from scratch.”