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Cheyenne Heke - Project Management/Transformation and Change

Cheyenne Heke - Project Management/Transformation and Change

“My initial thought about studying was that the finish line was getting a degree, but now that I’m here at NorthTec, it has broadened my perspective on how useful what you learn can be. I was working full-time then moved into part time work in the public sector to align with my studies.”

“I hope to go on to postgraduate level study at the School of Government at Victoria University, to work towards improving representation for Northland. The tutors have encouraged me to look further than my own sights and have helped to broaden my perspective and knowledge.”

“It’s a bit of a challenge juggling work, study, and life but I’m really well supported by my tutors who inspire me with their own rich experience and vision. Our classes are a diverse mix of age, gender, and race and it’s great to be able to share different ideas from our own backgrounds.”

“I’m really surprised at my own capabilities and expanded vision now. I believe completing this degree will not only help further my career, but also enable me to apply what I’m learning in everyday life like conflict resolution, planning and better daily management.”

“I’m still taking things in as I go, but long term I’d like to do something that I’m proud of and that my whānau can be proud of.”

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