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Brenda Crawford - Agribusiness

Brenda Crawford - Agribusiness

“My name is on the farm mortgage and the cheque-book, so I decided it was time to be more pro-active with my involvement. I was already doing the budgets and the paperwork for the farm but it will mean more to me if I also know about the production half of the business. Last year I met a lady who was doing a human resources paper here and it interested me. The course isn’t just about the environment, it’s everything to do with running the farm.”

“My biggest challenge so far was the Resource Management module which was the first paper. It was a lot of detail to do with the environment, being compliant, the land and sustainability, and I wasn’t expecting such intensity. But I’ve now got a better understanding of what my husband is already implementing and why.”

“I enjoy the human resources paper more, and realise we’re doing OK on the farm but that the processes are incomplete. This course has given me direction in what we need to change and how to make those changes.”

“I like learning for an applied and practical purpose so this really suits me, and the farm is fairly isolated so I enjoy being with people is a similar farming situation. My husband and I are in partnership on what was his family farm just 20 minutes from NorthTec so I can be there for my farm commitments morning and evening and come here in between. The tutors all have a business background in farming, and our class is a great group of girls all with the admin role on our farms, plus we’re hands-on back up if needed.” 

“I hope that what I learn on this course will make me more efficient. The farm is a business and we have to treat it as such so fortunately I’m digitally savvy. I realise now that there’s probably a 40 hour week in simply doing the admin of running the farm. We have two teenage boys so by completing this study I’m also leading by example.”

“My dream is to have some time off. My son wants to take over the farm so by then, we’ll have some processes in place that make that transition possible and easy to do.”

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