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Ameila Rakete - Commercial Transport

Ameila Rakete - Commercial Transport

“I’ve always liked driving and I’ve driven a lot of things but not big trucks. I joined this course to get a Dangerous Goods licence for courier driving and now I realise other licences we are receiving are opening more options.”

“My brother studied architecture here at NorthTec and suggested I have a look.”

“After passing my class 2 licence, I got to experience driving trucks which I really enjoyed and I also received awesome feedback. The challenge is to keep telling myself it’s easy.”

“Before I joined the course my four children lived with their father. The surprise is that they are now back in my care, so as a single mother it gets a little tricky to juggle family commitments as well as studying, as my youngest is two years old. My tutor is understanding of my personal life and makes allowances to make sure I can keep on track with the course.”

“As students we're all like a family. We all have the same end goal so we help each other to get through completing the course. The completion of the course and the certificates I will receive will give me a lot more job opportunities than I originally thought. I can explore other options such as wheels, tracks and rollers, and also diggers.”

“When I finish this course I will roll over to the next semester to upskill myself for more tickets including class 4 and 5. At the moment I’m enjoying expanding my possibilities.”

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