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Adriana Stolwerk - Travel and Tourism

Adriana Stolwerk - Travel and Tourism

“This is something totally different for me so it’s all new and exciting. Travel interests me because I haven’t done much of it and I’m curious to learn about it. I looked at going to Auckland to study but it’s expensive to live there and I’m still young, so by studying here I can continue to live locally.”

“It’s really exciting to be learning so much and with such diverse content. There are so many topics within tourism and there’s a lot to take in. I love it but it can be overwhelming so I’m learning discipline and how to motivate myself to push through. It’s great being amongst the other students because everyone wants to be there and is committed to learning.”

“I’m learning how big and broad the tourism industry is. It’s not just cruise ships, hostess roles and travel agencies. It’s connected to so many industries and includes things like car rentals and ferries.”

“Completing this course will help me get a good job and sort my life out, and because I’ve come straight from year 12, it enables me to be a year ahead. Next year a friend and I want to go to Camp America – a summer camp for teens – for six months. We get to choose where we go and get accommodation and food as part of the job.”

“My dream is to work within a travel agency helping people plan their trips. I like the idea of working with people when they’re doing something that makes them happy. Travel is something they want to do and I can support them in that.”

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