Adriana Stolwerk - Travel and Tourism

I’m learning discipline and how to motivate myself to push through. It’s great being amongst the other students because everyone wants to be there and is committed to learning.

Ameila Rakete - Commercial Transport

The completion of the course and the certificates I will receive will give me a lot more job opportunities than I originally thought.

Betty Jo Reihana - Foundation (Nursing)

The learning environment here is so different from school. Our classmates are a mix of ages and we all support each other because we’re all here to move our lives forward.

Brenda Crawford - Agribusiness

I like learning for an applied and practical purpose so this really suits me, and the farm is fairly isolated so I enjoy being with people is a similar farming situation.

Brittany Marsters - Te Reo

The people and the environment here are really relaxing and very personal. It’s like a second home to me and I’m amazed at my own growth and confidence.

Cheyenne Heke - Project Management/Transformation and Change

I’m really surprised at my own capabilities and expanded vision now. I believe completing this degree will not only help further my career, but also enable me to apply what I’m learning in everyday life like conflict resolution, planning and better …

Christine Maley - Hairdressing

Our class is a real mix of ages and backgrounds but we really gel as a group and I love the added experience of having clients come here for us to work with.

Damon Duyvesteyn - Construction

I’m one of the youngest but we all get along because we’re interested in the same things. It’s one of the best classes I’ve ever been in. Everyone is so relaxed and just getting on with it.

Danyon Stuart - Agriculture

Some of our classmates are experienced and some are totally new to farming but we’re all learning at our own speed.

Daria Chernova - Civil Engineering

I’m learning to believe in myself and to just do it, and I’m surprised to find I’m getting good results. The tutors always support me and are helping me to relax more.

Declan Menefy - Mechanical Engineering

The best part of the course for me is the focus on machines. We learn machining, fabrication and welding, and machinery overview, and we come out with a certificate in all three.

Detchie Pacete - Foundation (Nursing)

All the students here are keen to learn and we’re all looking to step up and improve, and the tutors are wonderful. They understand where we’re coming from and relate the info we’re learning to us and our lives.

Gary Baker - Painting

I’m feeling competent and confident. I know what I need to do, in what sequence, and how to price it.

Hayden Rowse - Travel and Tourism

What I love most about doing the course is that I’m interested enough to focus. Usually I fade into myself but the tutor is really helping me to hold my focus.

Jared Wilson - Automotive Engineering

Meeting new people here has opened me up to new ideas and the tutors are the best. They’ve been in the trade and are teaching us their tricks.

Jason Mickan - Commercial Transport

I’m surprised at how well I’m doing and how much I’m getting on with it. I’m also surprised at the range of what we learn. It’s not just driving but includes safety, making your load secure, and how to prevent driver fatigue.

Jeremiah Gauniqio - Architectural Technology

Working with Archi-CAD is the thing I love most about the course but it is also the most challenging thing for me. I thought architecture would all about drawing but it’s mostly computerised and CAD is a challenge to learn.

Joanna Skyrme - Environmental Management

My challenge now is that I’m so invested in my studies that I have to remember it’s important to maintain a life outside of the course too!

Joshua Walker - Applied Writing

The course is all online and the best part of it for me is meeting all the other students with an interest in writing. We critique each other’s work and socialise online, and occasionally meet up physically at a hui, but most of our connection is on…

Kaea Taitoko - Agriculture

Being outdoors with the animals and learning new things are the best parts of the course for me. The study needs some self-discipline but I’ve made it a priority.

Kahli Rowland - Beauty Therapy

The tutors here really want you to pass, are helpful and make you feel inspired and confident. At the moment I’m enjoying waxing and spray tanning, and the make-up that we do soon will be fun.

Kelly Retimana - Apiculture

My classmates are all adult students and we’re here because we want to be, so it’s a great learning environment, and the tutor has been in the industry so can give us feedback on both commercial and domestic situations.

Kelsey Lawrence - Painting

The best part of this course is that we’re out there doing up a community building in town, not just sitting in a classroom.

Leah Land - Cookery

The best part of doing the course is learning things that I didn't know existed. We get a window into other cultures.

Linda Cook - Te Reo

Doing this course is changing my perception of myself, my own whakapapa and my tupuna.

Louise Wairepo - Horticulture

I love the touch of the soil and being amongst the smell and growth of the plants.

Lynlee Bird - Social Work

There are a whole heap of surprises within this course. We learn about life and we learn about our own development and in doing so we develop and grow as people.

Makuini Cherrington - Raranga (Maunga Kura Toi)

Weaving has literally made up the fabric of the social, economic and spiritual development of our people. Now I’m seeing the value on every level.

Michael Pereira - Mechanical Engineering

I’m loving having a play on the machines and the course is a lot more hands-on than I expected. I’m also surprised at how good I am on the lathe.

Mikaere Wiki - Sport and Recreation

I really appreciate the smaller class size here, getting to know our class mix of domestic and international students, and the one-on-one access with the tutors.

Nan Zhang - Architectural Technology

I especially love the CAD and the modern technology that we use. It’s fast and the results look really professional.

Ngakuru Penney - Forestry

The best thing about the courses is that we learn totally on the job with the tutor when he comes on site.

Olivia Sweeney - Hospitality

Another aspect I enjoy is that we learn how to train others, so we work with school students who are keen to learn. I’m surprised at how much the tutor goes out of her way to expose us to employers and the industry.

Paige Lloydd - Beauty Therapy

There is such a huge difference from school and I really look forward to coming here every day. The environment is great and the classes and students are fun but we still learn so much.

Renee Skinner - Agriculture

This course is helping push me out of my comfort zone to try new stuff and then I find out it’s easy.

Rookie Zhu - Cookery

Learning here is so different than in China because there they tell you how to solve the problem. Here you learn how to solve the problem yourself.

Ryan Donaldson - Social Work

The course has helped me from a personal level right through to broadening my whole worldview and has given me tools for my kete that I can use every day.

Tamryn Power - Applied Writing

This course is broadening my horizons as well as extending my writing. I thought I’d write children’s books and poetry, but now I’m wondering about a novel.

Tessa Wilson - Applied Arts

It’s great being able to do what you love and get a degree out of it. I want to be an art teacher and this qualification will give me a lot more options for the scope and context of that.

Tiechar Hill - Nursing

I’m one of 11 siblings and I’ll be the first one to get a degree. It’s making my whānau proud and it is also self-rewarding. My whānau is my motivation.

Tom Taylor - Civil Engineering

A lot of the other students and the tutors are working or consulting as well, so we’re all able to network and give each other professional leads.

Verronica Herewini - Mental Health

The best part of the course is having a tutor who supports each of us in every way. We’re all walking this journey together and the course is part of our own healing.

Vinkal Gaur - Sport and Recreation

I want to specialise in working with high-level athletes like Olympians so the credentials of the tutors here, as top-level performers themselves, was also a drawcard.

Yasmin Bainbridge - Cookery

I have two kids and I thought it may be too late for me to study, but as soon as I saw the pamphlet for this course everything fell into place.

Yehudi Russell - Hospitality

I loved the atmosphere here, and getting to make the coffee in the café – complete with perks.

Zaine May - Painting

As part of the course we students work together on a house for work experience and we work well as a team. We’re a good mix of ages and backgrounds.

Zander Volschenk - Electrical Engineering

Our tutors have a lot of trade connections but we make our own way to getting work experience on Fridays and that can lead to other opportunities.