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Zyanah Mahia - Foundation (Nursing)

Zyanah Mahia - Foundation (Nursing)

“I managed to take myself off WINZ and was working in hospitality and hairdressing, but the hours were too long to fit in with looking after my daughter. I realized I wanted a solid day job that pays more than the minimum wage if I’m going to stay in New Zealand, so I decided to improve my study skills and get into nursing.”

“I’m behind in the basics because my parents moved a lot and I went to heaps of different Maori schools before going to my first mainstream school in Australia when I was 12.”

“This course has really opened my eyes to the value of mainstream education. Before starting this course, I had been too scared and embarrassed to get help but the support is here. I’m amazed that I’m loving studying Human Biology. I never thought I’d be interested in something so technical but it fascinates me so much that I do extra work. I also love how the course links subjects - like using data analysis from our Human Biology in our IT class.”

“All of it though has been a huge challenge. One of the biggest things for me is having the discipline to distance myself from the distraction of my social networks – even from the other students. I’ve re-thought what’s important.”

“I’ll finish my course here then plan to move to Whangarei in December ready to apply for the nursing course. I’d love to help others learn about our biology and why it matters. My ultimate dream is to own my own house so that I know my daughter has somewhere to call home. That, to me, would be a real achievement.”

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