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Tyrone Woolford - Foundation (Nursing)

Tyrone Woolford - Foundation (Nursing)

“It’s a total surprise to me that I’m doing nursing. The tutor from forestry here convinced me to do this foundation course to get into nursing. I had moved up north from Hamilton because my Dad lives up here and I realized it was time to upskill. I thought about the course, decided to do it, then found out two other family members on Dad’s side had had nursing careers.”

“I’m loving learning new things – especially human biology. I’ve never considered myself academically smart but I realize that we can learn anything if we just have the will power and the drive. And I have that now.”

“We also have heaps of peer support. The other students and tutors are easy to be around so it’s given me confidence. I’ve now got a goal and a plan of how to get there.”

“Next year I’ll do the nursing degree in Whangarei so I’ll either move there or stay at the marae during the work week and come back up here weekends.”

“I’d love to be head nurse at one of the hospitals. I know it’s a long term goal but I’m keen to devote myself to it. NorthTec has given me a whole new opportunity and experience. It shows that it’s great to be open to surprises in life.”    

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