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Trent Knox - Civil Engineering

Trent Knox - Civil Engineering

“I was offered a job as a contractor before I left school. After about a month in, my work colleague suggested I sign up for this course and I was on board the next semester. I was contracting for two years then I got offered a job by a consulting engineer.”

“I have just finished the Diploma and the flexibility of doing it part time while still working made sense. As well as being able to earn, I could put what I was learning into practice straight away. I’ve gained so much by learning then directly applying knowledge on geotechnical processes, storm water and wastewater.”

“It’s been a challenge managing work and study, and I gave up a lot of time in weekends but it’s been well worth it and I’m still only 21.”

“Getting the Diploma has enabled me to progress quickly at work and now I want to do the degree (Bachelor of Engineering) and can cross credit some of the papers. I’m especially interested in geotechnical engineering.” 

“Eventually I’d like to become chartered so I could have the opportunity to have my own business.”

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