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Te Awarua Pihema - Painting

Te Awarua Pihema - Painting

“We’re painting our town. Really. I love seeing the houses go from pretty run down to really nice. And the best part is that it’s our own town so we know the people inside. It’s changing the feel of where we live.”

The NorthTec painting course in Moerewa is part of the Tū Te Aroha project using ‘helping hands’ within the community to upgrade their homes. “The biggest surprise was that my family house got painted too. It was painted inside and out, plus got some other carpentry upgrades.”

“I‘m not good at taking to new things, so stepping up to do the intro level course first in Kaikohe was a huge challenge for me. The tutors were very supportive and helped me get confidence and now I’m doing the next level which includes working to improve our town’s housing.”

“As part of our painting course we also learn some finishing skills and a bit of basic carpentry. I’ve seen what the carpenters do out on the job so I’m now keen to get into a building course when I finish this. I want to get the skills so I can do renovations and flip houses. It’s so satisfying to see the change.’’

“My dream is to work for myself so later I may to do some business training. When you’ve been stuck, the first step is the hardest. Once you’re over that, you’re flying!”

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