Student Profile

Tara Marshall - Carpentry

Tara Marshall - Carpentry

“I was at a car show where NorthTec had a promo stand with info on the construction course. Construction is in my blood. My father built his house from the ground up, my brother is a tutor in building, and I’ve always had an interest in it.”

“I’d lived here for a few years and have three girls so I wanted to show them that chicks can do anything. I got accepted for a scholarship and I love everything about the course. It’s hard to believe I’m actually building things.”

“For our first projects we were building saw-horses, wooden floats and a step ladder that we now use. I love the hands-on approach. It’s enabled me to really ‘get it’ in a way that I couldn’t do if it was just on paper. It’s still a challenge for me to picture the projects from the plans and drawings, but I’m actually doing it and it’s really satisfying seeing the built result.”

“I thought the class would be all guys but there’s another woman too and we all support each other. It’s great being with new people and the tutors are awesome.” 

“My next step will be to get an apprenticeship in any aspect of building. Eventually I’d love to build my own house….or have someone else pay me to build their house, so I can build mine.”