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Sam Henry - Pest Control

Sam Henry - Pest Control

“Two mates and I have already started trapping possums but we decided we needed more knowledge so we’re all doing this course together. Before the possum trapping I was working in avocado and kiwifruit orchards but my heart wasn’t in it. I was keen to do something for myself.”

“One of the stand outs of the course is that we go on a nine day camp in the Uraweras hunting pigs and stags. We also go to the gun range and learn about other Health and Safety issues, plus we get our tickets for poisoning and touch on some business skills. This is all knowledge that will serve us well in our own business. It will give us confidence and make everything about it legitimate.”

“I’m no good at writing and note taking but the tutor really encourages us to just ask if we are struggling. He has so much knowledge plus he has a network of contacts that will be useful for us in the future.”

“I also want to show my kids that there is a different way to live. I want them to know that meat doesn’t just arrive in a plastic bag in the supermarket and I want them to learn survival skills. My son is only three and already he can’t get enough of learning about being outside.”

“After the course we’ll get back into working for ourselves but we’ll be doing it better and we might add other adventures to the business too.”

“When we started doing our own thing a few months ago, I questioned it. By doing this course I’m proving to myself that I can follow my heart and be successful. I can trust myself. Follow your heart because your head will follow that. It makes you feel so much better inside yourself.”

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